My new suitcase arrived today just in time for my trip to Europe and I couldn’t be more in love. The brainchild of two Warby Parker alums (both women might I add..) Away is on a mission to reimagine the travel experience. And, the first stop on that journey is designing the perfect suitcase.

Developed from hundreds of travel stories and designed for the way people actually travel, Away doesn’t make “smart” luggage, they make thoughtful luggage—featuring unbreakable shells, interior compartments, and built-in USB chargers—using the best materials in the world. The result is luggage that is beautiful, functional and minimal. It’s luggage that helps you find your way by staying out of it.

Photo Credit: Away

So what makes this suitcase so dope? Well for one, I’m in love with the minimal design. I chose the stark matte “snow” white limited edition color inspired by winter in the city. Lucky for me the matte textured surface deflects scruffs and scrapes along the way. And a handy note inside the bag reassures that most stains can be cleaned with some simple warm water and soap.

Photo Credit: Away

I also love that the bag has a TSA approved lock built-in to prevent anyone from getting in your bag except for you. It’s a great way to lock up your valuables without using the hotel safe. The bag also features two compartments inside to help you stay organized while you pack. The bigger carry-on is perfect for those who like me, insist on packing a few extra outfits.

Photo Credit: Away
Photo Credit: Away

This little suitcase packs a lot of stufffffffff. packedMy favorite part is that the suitcase has a USB charger built in! That means no more fighting for the lone outlet at the airport or running out of juice on your cell right before you have to call an uber. You can charge up while you’re on the go.

charge up

I can’t wait to start packing and take my suitcase on the road. Be sure to watch this space to follow my adventures in Amsterdam and Berlin!

away suitcase

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