Julia Cameron, speaks very candidly in her book "The Artists Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity" about several personality types to avoid while nurturing your inner Creator. The most dangerous of these is the "crazymaker", and this type of person should be avoided at all costs. We've all experienced a Crazymaker at some point in our lives, we may even have one in our life right now. Perhaps we have even been one ourselves *gasp*. Crazymakers are those personalities that create storm centers. They are often charismatic, charming, highly inventive and powerfully persuasive but for the creative person in their vicinity, they are enormously destructive. You know the type: charismatic but out of control, long on problems and short on solutions. Crazymakers are the kind of people who can take over your whole life. Crazymakers like drama. If they can swing it, they are the star. Everyone around them functions as a supportive cast, picking up their cues, their entrances and their exits, from the crazymaker's (crazy) whims. Often larger than life, they acquire that status by feeding on the life energies of those around them. The crazymaking dynamic is grounded in power, and so any group of people can function as an energy system to be exploited and drained.  Crazymakers can be found in almost any setting, in almost any art form. Fame can help to create them, but since they feed on power, any power source will do.