The 25 Hours Hotel at Bikini Berlin is quite possibly the perfect place to stay when you’re in the city. I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of Berlin. It’s big, it feels cold and the people are not always so nice. When I decided to attend Berlin Fashion Week, I knew I needed to find a warm, fun, inspiring place to stay in order to change my perception.

bikini berlin cell recharge

This hotel was the perfect choice. 25 Hours is a European based hotel chain with eight hotels in cities like Frankfurt, Hamburg and Vienna. I’d visited the Hamburg location while studying with the Do School, so when my roomie at the time and amazing friend Aryln recommended it I had to check it out. She knows the way to my sustainability and impeccable design loving heart.

Bikini Berlin

The hotel is inside Bikini Berlin, a really awesome concept mall/complex next to Berlin’s Zoo. “It’s an oasis in the heart of the city, an urban hub and social universe.” The hotel keeps the zoo/jungle theme and executes it perfectly. I really love the greenery, concrete walls and neon signs.

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If you’re feeling hungry you can pop on down to the bakery and grab yourself something to eat, browse some sustainable products at the kiosk or just veg out in one of their awesome hammocks. There is plenty of space to stretch out with floor to ceiling views of the zoo and city all the way around.

kiosk and bakery



I loved my room. I had a great view of the snow covered zoo and I LOVE the open showers. It was thrilled that the rooms were stocked with Stop the Water While Using Me products. I’ve been hoping to get them in the Green Store so it was nice to have a chance to try them out. IMG_7908


I loved this creative living lobby on the ground floor to welcome you to the hotel.
Bikini Berlin


Bikini Berlin has lots of cool concept stores and cafes where you can grab an organic juice or a bite to eat. It’s also a great place to chill, read and people watch for awhile. They really nailed in when it comes to designing a creative place.


I really loved this place, Funk You. I like the pop-uo box idea and the seamless design. It definitely gave me some inspiration for future projects. (photo credit: Bikini Berlin)

Funk You Bikini Berlin

But you don’t have to leave the hotel to get a good meal. The rooftop restaurant not only features a panaromic view of the zoo and city but a delicious menu of Mediterranean Foods And if you want a drink you can pop right over to the Monkey Bar. People wait hours to get into this place, but hotel guests can head up whenever they want. IMG_7912 2


Oh, did I mention the best part? On the ninth floor there is a sauna. This was the perfect place to warm my cold, tired and achy bones from traveling. Afterwards, I had the hottest of steamy showers and dived head first into my comfy bed. It was probably one of the best sleeps I’ve ever had in my life. bikini berlin


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