About This Project

The Green Store is a pop-up shop and creative placemaking project which features ethical, eco-friendly fashion and lifestyle products. In an effort to promote conscious consumerism, the store offers sustainable alternatives for common household products, tools to help promote a zero-waste lifestyle and a variety of chic, stylish and affordable sustainable clothing.

Much more than just a place to shop, The Green Store hosts a robust program of fun, engaging and educational events in an effort to spread awareness about environmental justice/sustainability and equip people with the tools to live a more eco-conscious life.

From “Recycling 101” to “Zero Waste Cooking classes”, The Green Store is the place to be whether you are a novice to sustainability or an expert. It’s a place to come, hang out, take a yoga class, drink a green “inner-G” smoothie and discuss how we can suck less as humans to build a better world.