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I am excited to participate in this year’s Rhodes Youth Forum on behalf of our social enterprise, Free People International!

The Rhodes Youth Forum 2014 (RYF) will bring together more than 100 motivated and proactive young individuals, speakers, and prominent experts from approximately 50 countries.This year the organizer International Movement “Youth Time” (YT) and its partners will celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of the Forum.

Selected attendees will come from diverse backgrounds: social enterprise, non-profits, business enterprises, social activists, journalists and media workers, artists, young researchers, and simply outstanding students. Forum expects young representatives from Nepal, Russian Federation, Republic of Moldova, Armenia, India, USA, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Macedonia, Indonesia, Lithuania, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Tunis, Ukraine, Vietnam, Philippines, Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Trinidad and Tobago, Sri Lanka, France and other countries.

The Forum will take place on Rhodes Island, Greece 25-29 September 2014 at the Amathus Rhodes Hotel. The general topic of the Forum is: “Positive participation of young people in the life of society: from individual initiatives to collective cooperation”.


Aims of the RYF 2014 are to develop the network of young leaders and youth-led organizations, help their initiatives to get recognition and credibility and to strengthen their capacities in various fields of life.

The working days of the Forum will embrace various formats: youth-led projects presentations, interactive workshops, plenary sessions, and interviews with honorable guests. Cultural program events with informal activities and socializing will supplement the working part of the event.

The Forum will start with the opening plenary session on the evening of September 25th. To welcome all the participants, some of our honorable guests will make speeches. The winners of the previous RYF sessions who have been awarded with financial grants for implementation of their projects will present their results.

Youth Time Movement aims at uniting young people with tendencies towards proactive behavior, ready to take action and implement the gained knowledge and experience in the creation of a better world for our children and ourselves. A considerable part of the Forum will be dedicated to the presentation of the youth-led projects. Young leaders from all over the world will present their own initiatives and share their personal intellectual efforts in the following fields:

1. Modern Learning Environment
2. Youth Diplomacy and International Relations
3. Social Entrepreneurship

The “Modern Learning Environment” section embraces projects aimed at changing and improving the education system as a whole, and other factors which influence the process of education. Projects aimed at nurturing culture and the spirit of learning and teaching in everyday life.

Projects submitted for the “Youth Diplomacy and International Relations” section aimed atidentifying and changing the role of youth in harmonizing international relations; enriching relationships among the younger generation in acute conflict zones; and involving youth as an active part of developing trust, preventing wars and mutual understanding processes.

“Social Entrepreneurship” section will gather together representatives from different countries who aim to address social problems with business technologies and to develop institutional and human capacities to support youth- led social entrepreneurship.

Interview with the guest on the topic “How to Sell an Idea” will close the second working day.
27th of September will start with the General Workshop “Information Warfare” with experts from the media sphere. After this participants will be offered to pick and take part in one of the three special workshops:

• Living in a Digital World and Embracing the Future of Technology
• How to Pursue your Dreams
• Human Based Education

General Workshop: “Global Roadmap of Youth Initiatives 2021: Occupation of the Future” is aimed at orientating young people in different possible directions in their participation in the process of changing the world for the better. This session will continue the work that started two years ago. There, attendees will analyze how the sphere of employment, jobs and other types of occupation can evolve in the next 10 years.

With the help of this workshop we will try to address the following questions: what new kinds of youth occupation can appear in the future, what threats, important events, possible scenarios, trends, and crossroads that should be considered for understanding of what is going on with youth employment today?

A general meeting in the format of an interview with the guest will close the third working day.
28th of September will be conducted jointly with the World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations”. The joint plenary session together with WPF participants will find out the perspectives of intergenerational dialogue for reaching a better, more sustainable and peaceful future.

RYF 2014 will have versatile media support. Besides the work of the journalists from various media, the Forum’s events will be covered by YT Facebook page, which has more than 18,000 followers, YT twitter channel, and real time online video broadcast.

As always, I am interested in disseminating the invaluable information that comes out of the forum to our amazing network of creatives and world changers. Not only will I be blogging throughout the conference addressing key points, but we are also in the process of developing an interactive toolkit for other young artists/activists, educators, social/creative entrepreneurs, community organizers and those who are just interested in making the world a better place. We are dedicating an entire chapter to finding, applying and funding international opportunities so if you are interested in this, be sure to like us on Facebook to be the first to know about this exciting project.

Be Love.


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