TEDxNewYork is all about the magic of New York City — the ideas that come from dreamers, thinkers, and doers; the diverse and energized people that make it glow; and the activities and events that keep the city from sleeping. I had the pleasure of attending TEDx New York this past September and these were a few of my favorite talks:

So We’re Woke.. Now What?

Our generation is deeply aware of social injustice, discrimination, and the need for inclusivity, but being woke is only half the battle. In order to change our cultural and social structures, we have to take a stand within our communities and in world around us. Digital strategist Mark S. Luckie makes a strong call to action in this candid and empowering talk, reminding us that activism can come in many forms.

Diversity in Electronic Music

Diversity and inclusivity are buzzwords in dance music, but the overwhelming majority of the world’s highest paid DJs are still white men. This is a disservice to the fact that the culture so many of us cherish and enjoy was created by marginalized groups as a form of self-expression and tolerance. During the lunch break at TEDxNewYork 2016, Mixmag and Smirnoff Sound Collective hosted a panel to discuss these issues in their industry.

The panel was hosted by Mixmag’s Editor in Chief Nick DeCosemo and featured Katie Longmyer (Head of Experiential Production, Translation), Julia Willinger (SVP of A&R, Mom + Pop Records), and rapper Cakes Da Killa. Together, these groups are working to raise awareness and take positive action to address the imbalance in dance music. Mixmag and Smirnoff Sound Collective are leading a mentorship program to help artists from under-represented or excluded backgrounds, as well as other awareness initiatives.

How to Speak Up When You Feel Like You Can’t

We all experience moments when it’s hard to speak up – whether it’s at work, in our relationships, or out in a public with a stranger. Business psychologist Adam Galinsky shows research and shares helpful tips on how to find your voice when it matters most, and to advocate for others who need it.

Adam Galinsky is the chair of the management department at Columbia Business School. He thinks deeply about how we work with and against one another to achieve our goals.

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