Brilliant Earth

I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Brilliant Earth and asked to create a series of looks incorporating their conflict-free/ethical/eco-friendly jewelry line. I was overjoyed, as I am a huge fan of their brand and their mission to cultivate a more ethical, transparent, and sustainable jewelry industry. So.. in the spirit of #allgreeneverything I assembled these looks featuring all eco-conscious designers and brands. It is my hope to inspire fashion lovers everywhere to be more conscious about the choices we make as consumers. Check out the looks and “if you like it then be sure to put a pin on it” (see what I did there…)

Brilliant Earth Minimalist

1.  Tuxedo Jacket by H&M  |  2.  18K White Gold Luna Ring by Brilliant Earth  |  3.  Slim-Fit Pants by H&M  |  4.   Pachacuti Hat (via Master & Muse)  |  5.  Black and White Woven Top by H&M  |  6.  Elizabeth Smoking Slipper by Cri de Coeur (via Modavanti)  [USE CODE: FREEPEOPLEINTL for 15% discount]  |  7.  18 K White Gold Fairminded Bar Pendant by Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth Look 2

1.  “Ode to all Activists” Tee by Doortje Vintage (Amsterdam)  |  2.  Slim Fit Pants by H&M  |  3.  18K White Gold Round Diamond Stud Earrings by Brilliant Earth  |  4.  Biker Jacket by H&M  |  5.  Rogue Moto Boot by Cri de Coeur (use code: FREEPEOPLEINTL for 15% OFF)  |  6.  Pimms Nail Lacquer by Butter London  |  7.  18K White Gold Fairminded 2mm Comfort Fit Wedding Ring by Brilliant Earth  |  8. Wink Mascara in Union Jack Black by Butter London

Click here to learn more about H&M’s Sustainability efforts.


Vivien DressLeighton Dress by FROCK LA (via Modavanti) [USE CODE: FREEPEOPLEINTL for 15% discount]  |  18K White Gold Pave Eclipse Diamond Earrings + 18K White Gold Pave Diamond Infinity Pendant + 18K White Gold Sienna Diamond Ring by Brilliant Earth  |  Margaret Vegan Velvet Platform Pumps by Cri de Coeur

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