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“Green is the New Gangsta” is a different kind of movement.. one that recognizes the power of our collective purchasing decisions.

I’m always inspired by education, I love being both a teacher and a student. It’s important that we continue to ask questions, discover new things and learn more about ourselves and the world around us. Eco-Fashion is about making conscious, educated decisions about the things we buy. Our culture has become so consumed with trends, favoring quick, fast, easy and cheap with no knowledge of where our stuff comes from and what happens when we are done with it. We want to change that by doing our part to fuel environmental justice movements worldwide. We are excited to partner with sustainable fashion brand, Modavanti to offer our friends a 15% discount on all of our favorite eco-chic items by using the code: FREEPEOPLEINTL. Be sure to check back often for new looks and tell us what you like.


1. Dirty Harry  by: O MY BAG | Amsterdam

2. Shooting Star Cropped Top  by: Lavuk

3. Strait Black Leather Wrap  by: Nettie Kent

4. Claw and Meteorite Necklace   by: Natalie Frigo

5. No. 0104   by: TEN & Co.

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