Julia Cameron, speaks very candidly in her book “The Artists Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity” about several personality types to avoid while nurturing your inner Creator.

The most dangerous of these is the “crazymaker”, and this type of person should be avoided at all costs. We’ve all experienced a Crazymaker at some point in our lives, we may even have one in our life right now. Perhaps we have even been one ourselves *gasp*.

Crazymakers are those personalities that create storm centers. They are often charismatic, charming, highly inventive and powerfully persuasive but for the creative person in their vicinity, they are enormously destructive. You know the type: charismatic but out of control, long on problems and short on solutions.

Crazymakers are the kind of people who can take over your whole life. Crazymakers like drama. If they can swing it, they are the star. Everyone around them functions as a supportive cast, picking up their cues, their entrances and their exits, from the crazymaker’s (crazy) whims. Often larger than life, they acquire that status by feeding on the life energies of those around them. The crazymaking dynamic is grounded in power, and so any group of people can function as an energy system to be exploited and drained.  Crazymakers can be found in almost any setting, in almost any art form. Fame can help to create them, but since they feed on power, any power source will do.

11 Signs you are dealing with a Crazymaker:


1.  Crazymakers break deals and destroy schedules. They show up hours late for an appointment (if at all) and expect to be waited on hand and foot. They invite you out for lunch, order the most expensive thing on the menu and then expect you to foot the bill.

2.  Crazymakers expect special treatment. They suffer a wide panoply of mysterious ailments that require care and attention whenever you have a deadline looming. The Crazymaker cooks her own special meal in a house full of hungry children – and does nothing to feed the kids. In fact, they care little for anyone else outside of themselves.

3. Crazymakers discount your reality. No matter how important your deadline or how critical your work trajectory at the moment, Crazymakers will violate your needs. Crazymakers are the people who call you at midnight or 6:00 am saying, “I know you asked me not to call you at this time, but…” or “I know you’re on a deadline” they say, “but this will only take a minute.” YOUR minute.

4. Crazymakers spend your time and money. If they borrow your car, they return it late with an empty tank. Their travel arrangements always cost you time and money. They demand to be met in the middle of your workday at an airport miles from town saying, “I didn’t bring money for a taxi”.

5. Crazymakers triangulate those they deal with. Because Crazymakers thrive on energy (your energy), they set people against one another in order to maintain their own position of power. From this position, they can feed most directly on the negative energies they stir up.

6. Crazymakers are expert blamers. Nothing that goes wrong is ever their fault.

7. Crazymakers create dramas-but seldom where they belong. They are often blocked creatives themselves. Witnessing others express their creativity makes them feel jealous and threatened. It makes them even more dramatic- at your expense. Devoted to their own agendas, Crazymakers impose this agenda on others. In other words, whatever matters to you becomes trivialized into a mere backdrop for the crazymakers’s personal plight.

8. Crazymakers hate schedules- except their own. In the hands of a Crazymaker, time is a primary tool for abuse. If you claim a certain block of time as your own, your crazymaker will find a way to fight you for that time, to mysteriously need things (meaning you) just when you need time alone to focus on the task at hand.

9. Crazymakers hate order. Chaos serves their purposes. When you begin to establish a space that serves you and your creativity, your Crazymaker will abruptly invade that space with their mess.

10. Crazymakers deny that they are Crazymakers. They will always try to convince you that YOU are the one that’s crazy.

11. Crazymakers drive you Crazy. (My #1. Rule is If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. If someone in your life is making you crazy run far away and fast…)

If Crazymakers are that destructive, what are we doing involved with them? The answer, to be brief but brutal, is that we’re that self-destructive.

If you are involved now with a crazymaker, it is very important that you admit this fact. Admit that you are being used, and admit that you are using your own abuser. Your crazymaker is a block you choose for yourself. As much as you are being exploited by your crazymaker, you too are using that person to block your creative flow.

If you are involved with the tortured tango of a crazymaker, stop dancing to his/her tune. The next time you catch yourself saying or thinking, “He/She is driving me crazy!” Ask yourself what creative work you are trying to block by your involvement.

Have you ever dealt with a particular crazy crazymaker? How did you handle that situation? Let us know in the comment section.



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